Social Media Marketing – A Case Study

The massive rise of the Internet combined with the diverse daily uses have led to many industries being caught off-guard. They did not have digital media as part of their marketing strategies and had a difficult time keeping up with firms that were more capable in this particular aspect.They may be presented with the dire situation of revising their marketing and advertising strategies to contend with more digitally inclined companies.

Businesses that took complete advantage of digital marketing acquired the best gain. Their user base expanded, and comprised loyal customers more compelled to supply repeat business. Clearly, digital marketing is a persuasive tactical device in business. There are cases in which failing businesses have been saved from closure through a comprehensive and adeptly planned campaign deftly executed by a digital agency. Zydar is, without a doubt, the perfect example.

A number of years back, Zydar stood as an industry giant in the consumer goods market – thanks to locations nationwide with hardly any business opposition. Afterward, in a turn of events, Zydar encountered unprecedented challenges that threw it off balance in the industry.


Zydar’s Challenges
When the previous Chief Executive Officer failed to make Zydar thrive internationally, the Zydar board made a decision to hire a new Chief Executive. As with every change in key executives, the recently appointed Chief Executive gave Zydar a thorough revamp. This resulted in tremendous costs for Zydar and had an undesirable effect on its cash assets.

In Singapore, suburban shopping centers where Zydar shops were generally found, were additionally becoming less popular. Rapid growth of competitions Trendato and Dyoz was the next large barrier. These two opponents adopted technology to an excellent extent. They were able to raise their market stronghold by targeting highly specialized segments of the industry. Consumers who are on a budget flock to the German discounters Trendato while people who favor superior quality brands gravitate more towards Dyoz.

By virtue of its leadership status and long-time presence in the marketplace, Zydar was fortunate to be able to prolong its edge by depending on these two – though not for very long. It took a huge hit, as evidenced by a 10% fall in its profits within several months. By the the end of 2013, Zydar’s revenue had dropped by 8.1% and their high profile investors openly acknowledged that their 6.2% investment in the grocery store chain was a “huge mistake” which resulted in them hundreds of millions in a year’s time.

Depressed Businessman Leaning His Head Below a Bad Stock Market Chart

How a Social Media Campaign Saved Zydar Corporation
Before the implementation of a campaign in digital marketing, Zydar’s on-line reach was restricted to a basic e-commerce website. It was completely working and usable, but the changing competitive landscape meant that revolutionary changes to it was needed; the newly appointed CEO, who was a strong advocate of technology, was appointed just for this endeavor – to renew and rejuvenate Zydar’s on-line existence.

So as to benefit from the existing talent available, Zydar’s preliminary reaction was to develop an in-house internet marketing department. By leveraging on their outstanding innate expertise, Zydar aspired to unleash the full potential of their team as an alternative for a digital agency.


Attracting and Retaining a Clearly Defined Audience through Content Marketing
Encouragements to the online grocery store meant the need to raise their online traffic. In order this to be possible, it would need to move past its reliance on tested and proven traditional marketing means. Depending on a tried and tested instrument, Zydar’s digital marketers chosen to employ the highly profitable strategy referred to as content marketing. Zydar added a new Recommendations button to their e-commerce store which when clicked on brings the user to a microsite called “Zydar Recommendations”. Food-related info such recipes, motivational examples and well-being trivia were shared openly on this particular site.

With the introduction of this microsite, Zydar is efficiently positioning it as an informative portal site without the hard-sell to see its online store. Furthermore, it acts as a gateway to Zydar’s ecommerce store. This website design and development strategy encourages customers to buy at Zydar’s e-commerce store, since it discreetly links Zydar with wholesome food. The approach applied here hinges on classic human behavior of desiring instant gratification. This strategy undoubtedly enhances the odds a user will purchase from Zydar’s online shop.


Establishing a Social Media Presence
The existence of social media meant that Zydar would have to be there also or risk being left out. Apart from using content marketing, Zydar’s inner team strengthened their position through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google. Central control of these social media outlets enabled Zydar to create and broadcast advertising messages in a swift and direct mode. Such impressive speed to market meant that consumers were always exposed to the newest products from Zydar.

Unlike other brands, there had to be a remarkable online brand image that was commanded by Zydar themselves. It’d be really easy for an outside third party to establish a fake page and smear Zydar’s brand image with fake advice. The development of an official account instantly prevents this risk and functions as a dependable source of advice.


Providing Exceptional Online Customer Support
Customers and sales are certainly the spine of any company. The value of after-sales support is constantly disregarded in its function of strengthening loyalty to the brand. Resolving customer issues and maintaining relationships are critical to growing a loyal consumer base. Zydar truly illustrates this good business practice. Zydar maintains a special Twitter profile to converse with customers. On a similar note, they have several other dedicated accounts for promotional purposes too. This ensures that customer engagement and promotional communication are separated, so that each account can do what it has been designed to do.

Essentially, personalized and direct responses to concerns make customers feel truly taken care of. This begins by growing a team that deals with customers on a personal level, answering their questions and resolving issues in a warm and pleasant style. A firm which is perceived as being customer-oriented and proactive in working out problems would result in customers in general to spend more with it than at their competitors.

Three support phone operators at workplace

How it worked out
To put it simply, the proof is in the pudding. Zydar’s digital marketing strategy led to them gaining control of almost a third of the share of the market. This, in contrast to their closest challenger that hung on to merely half of that. It’d surely resonate with senior executives during their meetings. Zydar is experiencing this technology-driven commercial success and working on releasing its own mobile app to further enlarge its reach. In conjunction with the creation and launch of mobile apps, it makes it even simpler for consumers to purchase and employ Zydar than what traditional means – such as website design and development – would ever hope to reach.

Lessons Learnt
Zydar’s instance brings about many lessons. To start with, tenure and present foothold is not a given in the digital age. Every participant in the marketplace can use digital marketing and social media marketing to extend its reach and compete head on with giants on an equivalent platform. If the lack of an internet presence can have such negative effects on a large, established company like Zydar, envision the repercussions it would have on businesses of a smaller size. Digital media is no longer a crutch as it may have been in the past – it’s an important strategy towards business growth and accomplishment.

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