How Are Companies Using Social Media Today?

Social Media Marketing

A lot of companies in Asia were not prepared when the Web became available and adopted by the masses so quickly. The majority of them in Singapore found themselves being crushed by the pressure to compete against more digitally-savvy upstarts along with the issue of aligning their marketing plans to an unknown medium. The companies that managed to grasp digital marketing (or partnered with a capable digital marketing agency) reaped the wages. They noticed a growing client base that showed active engagement online. Clearly, marketing through digital media is a powerful and trustworthy company tool. There are occasions in which businesses on a going downhill find a way to turn losses into profits with a well planned campaign carried out by a digital agency. Multi-national grocery store chain Arriva would be one such example.

Just before The turn of the century, Arriva’s national reach and limited competition meant they had a good advantage in the Consumer Goods business. Nevertheless, due to unforeseen conditions, Arriva lost their footing within the marketplace and this left them vulnerable.

How the Problems Arose
The former Chief Executive Officer, being unable to capture international markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. New Chief Executive Officers usually results in new ideas, new ways of doing things – and he did so, to the extent of providing Arriva a complete overhaul. The restructuring process raked up some huge bills that jeopardized Arriva’s fiscal standing. Also, the false perception that residential shopping spots were losing appeal came into play. Even though a decrease in visitor traffic would definitely worry the supermarket chain, it was Buyfex and Eramiz that became its largest nightmare. These business newcomers were more technologically savvy with innovative marketing ideas. They competed head-on with Arriva by focusing on niches that Arriva had disregarded utilizing an assortment of advanced digital marketing systems. Individuals who are budget-conscious head to the German discounters Bufex while people who prefer premium quality brands proceeded to Eramiz.


There was also a notable shift in consumer attitudes, where cost preceded brand faithfulness. This drastic change hurt Arriva’s novels, which undeniably created much anger amongst its investors as they witnessed the value of their investments decline sharply. Undoubtedly, the considerable decline in profits caused shareholders to realize the problem.

So as to effectively reclaim Arriva’s on-line ranking, the new Chief Executive – a true believer of technological progress – wrangled up an inhouse online marketing team. Even with a completely running e-commerce store in place, they needed to step up their game.

Obtaining The Services of a Social Media Agency

The first thing that Arriva did was to grow an internal internet marketing department; via this, Arriva desired to have a powerful core of tech online marketing specialists. By leveraging on their outstanding natural expertise, Arriva aspired to release the complete potential of their team as an alternative for a social media agency agency.

Gradually, the efficacy of digital media caused normal advertising budgets to be cut and redirected towards on-line purposes. Soon after a comprehensive assessment of the competition and promotion alternatives for its online shop, Arriva finally settled on content marketing, which it considered would provide the greatest return on investment. This was realized by using branded content to increase on-line traffic and participation thereby raising sales amounts.

Arriva added a new Fitness button to their main website which when clicked on brings the user to a microsite called “Arriva Fitness”. Content like recipes, food preparation techniques, health articles and motivational stories filled the pages of the Fitness website. The website evolved to become an unbiased way to obtain invaluable advice for online shoppers, illustrating a shift in Arriva’s web design focus. The commercial link between Arriva and the microsite supports more users to pick Arriva as their on-line grocery option. Users are likelier to visit the connected site rather than steering to another on-line retailer during their time on the Fitness microsite.

Making use of Social Media to its Fullest Extent

Arriva must bow to the distinct rise in popularity of social media marketing in order to remain inclusive and current. They began to sign up for their social media profiles on the more dominant websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. Creating their own official accounts at these social networks has two obvious uses. To start with, it functions as another avenue for promotion and communication with their customers. A specialized Twitter account was even initiated for the individual departments. They’ve accounts for deals, for actual foods, for wines, and so on.

Next, it gives them greater control over their brand and picture online. It’s all too common for many companies to lose on this ground because a haphazard customer (or worse, a competition) established a social media existence inside their name. As they had zero control over these third-party accounts, it was simple for their standing to get ruined in case the owner posted images that would be damaging to the business. With an in-house social media department, all information would be thoroughly checked and controlled. It would subsequently give customers no reason not to check out official routes for the right info, and save Arriva from having to do damage control.

Customers are the lifeline of any business; what many fail to understand is that, post-sales support plays a crucial role in enriching brand devotion. Resolving customer problems is pivotal in ensuring future sales, as wide-ranging studies have demonstrated. With digital media, Arriva performs remarkably in this area. When compared with other companies which only have one single social media account to deal with grievances and promotional offerings, Arriva has gone one step further to set-up individual accounts for each. There was one account specifically to entertain customer questions and feedback and another to send out helpful information including offers and promos.

In addition, the staff behind these social media accounts are told to post with a wholesome and jovial tone, even to the point where they engage in banter with customers and other brands. Customers feel more reassured that they are being given quality service when the answers are genuine and personalized instead of cold computer created replies.

Did it Pay Off?
Arriva’s digital marketing strategy is benefiting them greatly as they now control the largest market share of grocers in Singapore. According to various data companies, Arriva has control over nearly a third of the marketplace as of last July. This is almost double the share of the second largest grocery company that currently controls around fifth. Such results would definitely encourage Arriva to ride on its success and further refine its internet marketing plan to gain a bigger share of the market. With the addition of a brand new smartphone application, engagement between company and customer can be raised far beyond the usual means such as web design and development.

Many firms can learn from Arriva. It’s no longer a given to rely purely on branding and retail to achieve success. Digital marketing and social marketing needs to be incorporated into their plans for them to remain competitive in Singapore’s business landscape.

Arriva has shown that even a big, established business like itself (much less smaller-scaled ones) must continue to innovate and use the most recent technology to survive. Digital media is no longer a good-to-have; if you need to remain relevant in this day and age, there’s no getting away from embarking on this platform, even to simply remain competitive.


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