Combining Marketing Techniques to Deadly Effect

A large number of unprepared businesses are up against the backlash of the internet’s influence upon the masses. A lot of firms in Singapore ended up being broken down by the pressure to compete with more digitally inclined upstarts and the problem of aligning their marketing strategies to an unfamiliar medium.

On the other hand, some companies that decided to embrace digital mediums stood to receive superior returns. These businesses seen a growth in clients and a more active database. Digital marketing has demonstrated itself to be a formidable instrument for businesses. There are cases in which failing enterprises were saved from closure through a detailed and adeptly planned campaign deftly executed by a digital agency. An example of this is market titan Cellulis.

Cellulis was a giant in the retail and Consumer Goods space; this marketplace dominance allowed Cellulis to be money-making. The chain had stores in almost every town and had minimal competition aside from modest grocery stores. However, in June 2013, Cellulis was in massive trouble. With the failure to attain market dominance outside Singapore, Cellulis resorted to employing a fresh Chief Executive Officer. New Chief Executives mean new ideas, new ways of accomplishing things – and he did so, to the extent of providing Cellulis a total revamp. Such a makeover was incredibly costly, and heavily affected Cellulis’s cash position, putting the company in a risky position.


Additionally, the increased rivalry within the sector had elevated the stakes for everyone. Every other day, a brand new company would enter the competition, equipped with wide-ranging digital marketing knowledge. At some point, it was not possible to disregard the presence of a rival store at almost every junction.

Changes in overall the way consumers behaved also meant that price points trumped repeat purchases caused by brand loyalty. Cellulis’s strong track record had been shaken – triggering turmoil between their well-known investors. To put the situation into perspective, Cellulis’s profits fell by 11.6% – a definite method of getting investors worried.

To effectively recoup Cellulis’s on-line ranking, the new Chief Executive – a fan of technological advancement – wrangled up an internal online marketing team. Despite the fact that Cellulis’s e-commerce store during that time was outstanding, the shifting times needed a brand new approach to running this online presence.

Assembling a Capable Digital Marketing Team
Their first move was to launch their own in house online marketing arm by using a technology incubator that trains vibrant tech entrepreneurs. By tapping on their exceptional innate abilities, Cellulis aspired to release the full potential of their team as an alternative for a marketing agency.

Reinforcements to the on-line grocery store meant the need to increase their on-line traffic. The potency of traditional advertising techniques are not being called into question. Rather, the digital alternative offers a much lower cost – allowing it to be more enticing and budget friendly. Cellulis decided on the most common and cost-effective techniques , marketing via branded content.

Within Cellulis’s online store, there’s a “Organic Delicacies” item in the main menu that brings visitors to “Cellulis Organic Delicacies”. The website contains food-related content like recipes, inspirational publications, and health-related posts that are related to food.

The Organic Delicacies website demonstrates that the new Cellulis direction focuses on quality website design and development because it by itself can exist as a valuable on-line resource for individuals hunting for food. As it’s associated with Cellulis as a brand, it helps promote trust in the brand while subtly persuading folks to shop more at their online supermarket. They are improving the likelihood for visitors to move from the microsite to Cellulis’s main website instead of a competition’s on-line grocery store.

One more facet within the internet marketing campaign strategy was social media marketing. They didn’t necessitate an external agency specializing in social media as they’d ample staff to take care of the initial project themselves. To begin with, Cellulis made the right move by signing up for their own official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google accounts.

Direct Control Over Social Media Accounts
Internal management of these social media channels allowed Cellulis to generate and transmit advertising messages in a quick and direct style. Such incredible speed to market meant that shoppers were always exposed to the most recent products from Cellulis. Unlike other brands, there had to be a remarkable online brand image that was controlled by Cellulis themselves. Competitors could readily and untraceably create a bogus account to propagate false info about Cellulis and misrepresent its products. By having 100% control over its accounts, Cellulis could be relied upon to provide verified info through the official channels.

Customer care is critical in reinforcing customer relationships. The impression of a firm hinges on customer support dependability and helpfulness. On this area, it can be said that Cellulis is exemplary. Compared to other businesses that only have one single social media account to deal with criticisms and promotional offerings, Cellulis went a step further to create individual accounts for each. This is observed when a particular account specially handles enquiries and complaints while another would drive sales through adverts and special offers.


The folks behind the Google+ Cellulis Customer Support are additionally trained to post with a balanced and easy going tone, even to the point where they participate in positive debate with customers and other brands. Users feel more confident of the brand when the responses are true and personalized instead of cold computer generated answers.

The Chief Executive’s efforts worked like a charm; based on multiple sources, Cellulis has secured a market share of around 56%, nearly 21 percentage points in front of the next closest competitor. It’d surely resonate with senior executives during their meetings.

This tremendously impressive result will only further solidify Cellulis’s faith in a digital strategy. In conjunction with the creation and introduction of mobile programs, it makes it even simpler for consumers to purchase and engage Cellulis than what traditional means – such as designing and developing of a simple website – would ever hope to achieve.

Cellulis’s case offers many lessons. To begin with, the digital age disrupts and shakes all organizations, no matter how established they might be. Digital and social media marketing has leveled the arena to the stage where new companies can snatch away the market share of a market giant that has been complacent with its standing.

Digital Marketing is a Must for All Businesses
Thus, it is no longer an alternative on whether you desire to leverage on digital media for advertising in Singapore today. Failing to gain maximum advantage on the digital media front leaves one susceptible to adversaries and impedes additional increase and accomplishment.

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